Terms & Conditions of Nordic Glamping Outdoor & Wildlife, hereinafter referred to as the landlord:
1. Booking
The rental agreement is concluded at the time that the booking request has been sent by email to the lessee, and the lessee has transferred a down payment of 15% of the booking amount. A telephone booking request confirmed by email is binding and remains ones the rent will be due (see point 8 of these rental conditions).
2. Change in the booking
Changing the final booking is possible by mutual agreement with the landlord. See for cancelling a reservation point 8 of these conditions.
3. Rental prices
The lessee is always the full rent due, even if the lessee arrives later than the agreed start date regarding the holiday home or leave earlier than the agreed end date. The rental prices listed in the price list and charges for final cleaning, bed linen & towels and electricity are in Euros. The guarantee deposit amounts €100,-for the Lodge and /€150,- for the Holiday house and will be asked for the rental period.
4. Payment
A down payment of 15% of the total rent must be transferred immediately. After receiving the down payment of 15%, the booking request is final and the period is reserved. The total rent, minus the down payment of 15% shall be transferred not later than 12 weeks before the start of the rental period, unless the landlord decides otherwise. After receiving the total rent, the lessee will receive, no later than one week before the start of the rental period a route map to the accommodation. For bookings within 12 weeks before the start of the rental period the total rent must be transferred directly to the bank account of the landlord. Upon receipt of the total rent the reservation is final. The lessee receives one week before the start of the rental period a route map to the accommodation. In case of late payment the booking will be cancelled. Down payments are not refunded in this case!
5. Arrival and departure times
The rental period starts from 15.00 hours at the day of arrival and finishes 11.00 hours at the day of departure. At the end of the rental period, the guarantee deposit will be refunded by the landlord within 30 days.
6. Obligations
The landlord expects from the lessee that they behave in a civil manner. It is not allowed to use bedding and furniture, other than garden furniture in the garden. It is also not allowed to place tents (other than children’s play tents) in the garden, unless otherwise agreed. The holiday home allows you to come with no more than six people. The Lodge allows you to come with no more than four people.The landlord asks the lessee to take care of the inventory, use the rubbish bins, and keep the kitchen and bathrooms facilities clean at all times. Garbage bags must be deposited in the designated place. (Guidelines regarding to the garbage are located in the apartment). In the holiday home and Lodges are single duvets and pillows available. A pet is allowed, multiple pets only on request. Smoking is prohibited in the holiday home and Lodges.
7. Liability
Personal property of the lessee during the stay at the holiday home is not insured. The landlord advises the lessee a travel insurance. The lessee may be held liable for any damage caused by the fault of the lessee, his family members or guests to the holiday home or Lodges, the inventory, or site. The landlord reserves the right to charge costs of damage and/or (grove) pollution, by which of the above persons caused. Loss or damage caused by the lessee will be deducted from the guarantee deposit. In case of damage higher than the deposit amount the lessee will receive an invoice. The landlord therefore asks the lessee  to report any damage. This prevents unpleasant situations! The landlord accepts no liability for theft, loss, damage or injury of any kind, suffered during or as a result of staying in and around his holiday home. In case of emergency, please contact the landlord.
8. Cancellations
In case of cancellation within 6 calendar weeks prior to the rental period, the lessee remains liable to the total rent. If the rental agreement is cancelled between 6 weeks and 12 weeks prior to the rental period, the lessee is liable for 50% of the total rent. The lessee will receive a 50% refund of the total rent. In case of cancellation 12 calendar weeks prior to the rental period, the lessee receives a full refund of the total rent, minus a fixed amount of € 50, – for administration costs associated with the cancellation.
9. Indemnity
Despite the greatest care taken in compiling this website, no liability can be accepted for any information and/or images published on this site.