holiday with your dog in sweden


Hello dog lovers, my name is Ingrid. We share the same hobby, dogs !. About me and about things to explore with your dog in Sweden I will tell you further in this story. First of all I would like to inform you about taking your dog to Sweden.

holiday with your dog in sweden
holiday with your dog in sweden
holiday with your dog in sweden

What is important to arrange when you take your dog to Sweden?

Rules in EU countries
From 1 January 2012, the import requirements for Sweden have changed. Previously, a blood test was mandatory and a long wait after the rabies vaccination. The requirements for deworming have also expired. This only applies to dogs entering Sweden from an EU country. An EU animal passport, valid rabies vaccination and (chip) identification are mandatory.
Rabies vaccination
Nowadays your dog no longer needs to go to your vet every year for the rabies vaccination. The vaccine has an extended life time for 3 years now. Your veterinarian must clearly state the validity date in the dog passport. Only then your dog’s vaccination is valid for 3 years.
Please note, if your dog is vaccinated for the first time, you can only cross the border 21 days after the vaccination. This also applies when the rabies vaccination has expired!
Dogs younger than 12 weeks
The rabies vaccination is given at the age of 12 weeks, for this reason you can not take a dog younger than 12 weeks to Sweden.
By car
In Sweden your dog is not allowed on the front seat, not even in the seatbelt. But besides that there are no guidelines for transport in the car. Dogs are often restless on the road, so I always let my dogs fast one day before and / or during the trip. This prevents pressure on the stomach. Especially dogs that get nauseated by nervousness it is recommendable. Of course I give water. In Sweden you have to officially register your dog at the border to have your papers checked (at ‘goods to declare’). With the current stricter controls at the border, this is often no longer necessary, because you are often being stopped for the passport control. The EU passport of your dog is therefore immediately checked.
You can read all the rules again at

Holiday with your dog to Sweden what will you take with you?

That depends of course on the season. A summer vacation with your dog in Sweden, or snow fun in the months of January and February. Summer in Sweden is stable generally dry due to the continental climate and with an average temperature of 23 degrees. Up to 28 degrees or higher is no exception.

In any case the climate during the summer months in Sweden is ideal for a holiday with your dog. It is the country where you can walk undisturbed in the rugged nature. The Brattforsheden nature reserve has 3 nature reserves with stunning hiking trails. The Kittelfältet is the area with craters a unique landscape where you can walk very easily with your dog. The Geijersdal moss is the marsh area with planking. You will have to accompany your dog in these places. The Lungälvravirnerna is less suitable for dogs. The route goes over steep slopes and also falls.

The rugged nature does mean that your dog regularly runs over rough or rocky terrain very different from what we are used to in the Netherlands. Dog shoes are therefore not a luxury they protect the foot pads against wounds and gaps. Ruffwear dog shoes have been specially developed for this purpose. I often walk with our own dogs. I am known in this environment and would like to invite you to walk together.

holiday with your dog in sweden

Canoeing with your dog in Sweden

holiday with your dog in sweden

From Nordic Glamping you can start paddling to the hidden lake Kalven and Brattfors and back again. The tour takes about 4 hours without rest or intermediate stops. Dogs are welcome in our canoes and we do not charge you extra costs. We do think it is important that the dog wears a float coat during your canoe trip. You can bring this special dog float coat yourself or you rent one from us on location! Are you preparing for the holiday and looking for a dog life jacket? Take a look at and choose the brand Ruffwear.

holiday with your dog in sweden

Holiday in Sweden with your dog, where will you stay?

You are most welcome in our cozy Lodges! Take a look here!

Our terrain is located in the middle of Swedish nature just a stone’s throw away from lake Lungen.We are part of the Swedish flora and fauna. Sweden is just a bit different than what most of us are used to. The Big 4 and many more animals live arround us. The Big 4 consists of the Moose, Wolf, Beer and Lynx. In addition, there are deer and the foxes. We Richard and Ingrid are used to this and adapt our daily lives accordingly.

These are the rules that we apply on our site.
Everyone is welcome at Nordic Glamping, also people who like to bring their dog on holiday. These are our rules;
1. Dogs always on a leash on Nordic Glamping.
2. The dog’s outing is always on a leash and off-site.
3. Prevent noise nuisance for other guests.
4. When you sit on the terrace at the Lodge, the dog is attached to the walking line, each Lodge has a place to attach the dog (a pole with a walking line)

Holiday with your dog during the winter

holiday with your dog in sweden
holiday with your dog in sweden

Beautiful forests covered with a layer of snow in the months of January to March give fairytale pictures. Here you can really enjoy nature with your dog. It can be cold so keep that in mind if you have a dog with short fur. A dog coat is often necessary. Also dog boots are necessary to prevent cramp in the limbs.

holiday with your dog in sweden

See you at Nordic Glamping!

holiday with your dog in sweden