Canoe rental at Nordic Glamping near the Brattforsheden nature reserve

canoe rental sweden
At Nordic Glamping you can rent a canoe for a day. These canoes are suitable for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 smaller children. A day trip back and forth across the Byangälven takes you to Brattfors. This is a nice place to spend some time at the beach. Maybe just go swimming on hot days or just relax or simply enjoy the surroundings.
Canoe rental Sweden
Canoe rental Sweden

Nordic Glamping – Brattforsheden nature reserve

Direction Brattfors and the cranes
From Nordic Glamping you can start paddling to the hidden lake Kalven and Brattfors and back again. The tour takes about 4 hours without rest or intermediate stops. Dogs are welcome in our canoes and we do not charge you extra costs. We do think it is important that the dog wears a float coat during your canoe trip. You can bring this special dog float coat yourself or you rent one from us on location! Are you preparing for the holiday and looking for a dog life jacket? Take a look at and choose the brand Ruffwear.

canoe rental Sweden

The Byangälv river runs from the Lungen lake towards Brattfors. You start from our site at the mouth of the lake Lungen.  The winding river first runs to lake Kalven and then to Brattfors. The lake is hidden in nature and can only be reached by canoe or boat. The area belongs to the Brattforsheden nature reserve. Spotting a moose from your canoe and the sound of the cranes is an unforgettable experience. Canoe rental per day 300kr.

Package deals

You can rent the canoe for a day but also a multi-day trip is possible. Spend one or more nights, what would you like? During a multi-day package we provide you with the basic necessities to make a fantastic trip into the Swedish wilderness. From Nordic Glamping you have access to the nature reserve Brattforsheden by paddling the large lake Lungen. Exploring the Brattforsheden nature reserve with the canoe will not easily be forgotten.

After a beautiful trip across the lake Lungen you will transport the canoe over land to get to lake Alstern. This is only a short crossing and we provide a canoe cart. After paddling for a while at lake Alstern you can look for a beautiful spot to stay. Prepare for the night by setting up the tent together and prepare some food at one of the many fireplaces. Spending the evening around a crackling wood fire in the middle of the nature reserve is a fantastic experience!

Remember that during your stay in Brattfors nature reserve you are part of everything that grows and flourishes. There’s a a chance meeting animals. Listen to all the sounds around you before you fall asleep, tired and satisfied. Then simply forget where you are and enjoy a healthy night’s sleep.
You can return to Nordic Glamping the next day at ease.

3 Days package deal

Do you like to rent a Trapper canoe for a day including life jackets or would you like to book a multi-day trip? The Trapper canoe is suitable for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2  children up to the age of twelve. The dog can also join this discovery trip.

3 days package ☆
You have an option to spend several days and nights in the Brattforsheden reserve. A multi-day canoe package will take you back to nature. Withdraw from rural and ordinary life will give you a sense of ultimate freedom.
The package includes life jackets, tent, sleeping mats, a cookware set, cutlery and a wood burner with magnesium stick.

You have to take care of bringing your own sleeping bag and everything you like to eat and drink during your voyage of discovery. There are no possibilities to make interim purchases because you are not in the civilized world for a while. You can rent a life jacket from Ruffwear for your dog at Nordic Glamping. Should your dog jump overboard or fall over, you can easily lift him into the canoe. Always prepare well when taking your dog with you.

canoe rental Sweden
Canoe rental Sweden
Canoe rental Sweden

For more information or booking a canoe package you can contact us by email.
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Canoe rental with dogs